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As a believer, I know the importance of being rooted in the Word of God and serving His people through ministry. This platform is a space where I share my experiences, thoughts, and musings on all things related to faith and ministry. Whether you're a skeptic, a new believer, or a seasoned follower of Christ, let's explore the riches of God's Word together and grow in our faith.


Rediscovering life as a solo parent and loving the secrets I have learned with joz as a help people worldwide discover healing while realizing their God-given potential. I am sharing all my secrets and awesome sauce with you my friends.



Learn how to separate yourself from the noise and distractions of life, into a place where you can find your true self.


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hey there!

Before you get any further... Hi! I'm Mo’Tolani Abike!

When I'm not brainstorming ways to motivate people to fulfill the great commission, I'm likely snacking on a bowl of fresh fruit.

Curious to discover what brings me immense joy and excitement? Helping women rewrite their story. Busting the myth of religion. Showing you can rebuild your legacy no matter where you’ve been. Shining a spotlight on Adonai’s truth in His Word so we can truly experience the abundant life Jesus Christ gave us.

In case you’re new around here, I believe that God’s plan for you is still intact. We need to work the Word to make it happen. Let me show you how.



What does a missionary, teacher, mother, role model, and strong prophetic voice to this generation come to love? Here’s where you find out! This is everything I have tested and loved, from my wellness to my ultimate tech platforms that help me run a digital ministry hitch free while enjoying a fruitful life. If you desire a productive, fun life full of God’s love, then check these out. 



From boardrooms to basements, leadership ain’t always polished. Let’s ditch the suits, grab a hammer, and build something great together. Tips, tricks, and tales of triumph (and epic fails) for everyone with a vision and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude

Health and Wealth

Fueling bodies, nourishing souls, and chasing that happy balance. This corner’s all about ditching the fads and rediscovering the real keys to health and wealth – the kind that starts from within. Join me as we whip up delicious recipes, explore mindful money hacks, and build a life that’s rich in every way.


Dusting off the pews, one blog post at a time. Join me as we unravel the beauty and messiness of following Christ – no saints allowed (except maybe the ones in the stained glass).

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